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Communication Access as a Service to security in the cloud, Back up as a Service , Firewall as a Service , MaaS, Management as a Service or Market as a Service or Website as a Service. Phrases us by individual IT companies are also becom more and more popular, Network as a Service – Cisco, Robot as a Service – Intel, Test as a Service – HP or sktop as a service – ll. .cloudtweaks cloud-infographic-cloud-comput-fact-or-fiction Why cloud comput? What prompts provirs to expand the range of services available in the cloud? First of all, optimization of the use of the network, equipment, IT service or electricity. To provi cloud services, all these resources can be ruc.

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Solutions offer What arguments appeal to users reach for cloud solutions? First of all, availability anytime and anywhere – from any place and mobile vice with access to the Internet. Also important are: lower costs of use thanks to fees for the Argentina Mobile Number List resources us ( pay per use ), scalability to the nes – especially valu in business (there is no ne to buy services in advance), greater data security – especially in the case of individual users and from the SME sector and ease of management . For a business user, it is also important to be able to increase its competitiveness on the market by us new technologies. User awareness Although cloud comput is the fastest grow segment of the ICT market, it is not yet known to most Internet users in Poland. Research conduct in by Ipsos Public Affairs for.

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That only % of Polish computer users are familiar with this technology . However, that will soon change. Gartner estimates that already in , % of our files will be stor in the cloud – in it was only %. What’s next? The com years will certainly confirm the BTC Database EU forecasts for the ICT market. The research company IDC indicates an increase in global spend in the ICT industry by . %. Accord to Gartner, in the value of the global market for IT solutions will reach USD . trillion. The largest investments will concern mobile solutions, cloud comput, social networks and process large amounts of data (Big Data). Everyth indicates that the cloud comput technology.

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