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In addition each offer subpage should be easily accessible from the website menu. Solutions focus on aesthetics – eliminating the navigation bar or limiting its capacity to – positions will work only in the case of a very narrow assortment. When creating a menu for SEO, you should also remember that its dimensions should allow the use of full names of products or services. The use of keywords that interest you in navigation is one of the foundations of effective positioning. In the selection of phrases, the help of an SEO specialist will be invaluable, who will not only search for relevant data in analytical tools, but will also analyze the actions of the competition. creating a page for positioning Introduce yourself… on the homepage! Intuitively, the home page is the most important element of  It should act as a business card, attract attention encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer.

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Putting as little content as possible on it. From an SEO point of view, however, this is a very serious mistake. Most of the links lead to the main page, which makes it a subpage with the greatest authority the entire positioning of the website may depend Spain Phone Numbers List on its semantic correctness. When creating a website for SEO, you should take into account the ne to place a large amount of text on the home page – usually between thous words. characters with spaces. Yes, that much, but awareness of this ne at the design stage will allow you to arrange the content in such a way that it will not offend, on the contrary – the potential client will be interest in further descriptions.

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Characterizing the business, not for phrases relat to individual products or services (which is why structure planning was emphasiz earlier). It is worth preparing this text already at the stage of graphic design – consultation with an SEO specialist will help in the selection of keywords, Content Manager will help BTC Database EU in writing valuable attractive content. Building a website for SEO basically eliminates the ne to prepare an “About Us” subpage, so popular among small businesses. Most of the information will be post on the home page. When creating a website for SEO, remember about the content As in the case of the main page, also subpage templates should provide for placing a large amount of text on them.

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