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Automatic callbacks – the system calls back within three minutes to people who have given up the call. Error : More than minutes to respond to the inquiry sent by the form Michał nes a loan of PLN , . Using forms on websites, he sends inquiries to several loan companies, asking if they grant loans of this amount to first-time customers. Two of these companies offer loans of over , , . PLN on the first loan. Company C responds after two minutes. From company D – after nearly an hour. That is, when Mr. Michał has already complet the loan application at company C. What could have been done? “Manual” version – constant tracking of the mailbox. Ineffective.

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Platform for notifications about new messages. Error : No online help Katarzyna fills out an online loan form on the E company website. She is not sure how to fill in one of the fields, and she would like to ask about loan insurance. She can’t see a chat Shandong Mobile Phone Number List box anywhere to ask a consultant a question. Although she has fill in the form almost to the end, she abandons it and goes to the “contact” subpage. It turns out that there is a possibility to talk to a consultant on the chat. Katarzyna enters her question. After half a minute, when she still does not receive any answer, discourag by the difficulties, she enters the website of a competing company.

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What could have been done? First of all, the chat window should be easily visible to website visitors, even inviting them to ask for help. Secondly, as with e-mails, a simple notification function will “alert” consultants to immiately respond to the BTC Database EU client’s question. Mistake : Poorly conduct conversation Joanna was contact by a consultant from company F with an offer of a cash loan. Joanna is initially interest in the loan, but when she hears information about the conditions, she resigns and ends the conversation. This situation is repeat in many conversations, spite the fact that the conditions of the F company are more attractive to borrowers than most loan offers on the market.

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