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Read Zuckerberg’s biggest announcements during Facebook’s F conference The company is also working on a virtual store that consumers can use to make purchases on other websites, similar to how people can use their Facebook credentials to log into other sites. , according to The Journal. paid for in cryptocurrencies, as well as making purchases on its platform.Bloomberg and the New York Times previously reported that Facebook was developing a digital currency to allow WhatsApp users to transfer money. VENTURE Updated on: Ornel Trupje ~ minutes of reading If you browse the pages of BusinessMag.

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Your eye will come across many Italy Phone Numbers List articles on businesses and entrepreneurs. They are different from each other. In the writings about them, you encounter commonalities. to entrepreneurs who export their goods beyond the Albanian market.has managd to export shoes to Europe and across the Atlantic Ocean. It has over employees in Albania. Behind all this success are hidden great and continuous challenges. The trade is moving online and the malls where her shoes are found are closing little by little. For the company ‘Donniana’ this means the ned to find collaborators, other traders, who trade online instead of physical stores. New collaborators, and a completely new way of doing business.

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This industry needs energy, innovative BTC Database UK ideas and pace, so employment at the expertise level would be of interest to both young people and employers. Read: Donika Mici’s challenges in shoe productionRona Nushi, the pharmacist passionate about cosmetics and business. The combination of two passions has led her to create her own brand of cosmetic products Bees&Trees, a brand that operates in Albania, Kosovo and online sales abroad. This is a brand already certified according to European standards. You can also find Rona’s creams in some of the best pharmacies abroad, as they are % herbal. After registering the brand and products.

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