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It was creat by openAI , which also creat a popular algorithm tool for generating images from text instructions DALL-E 2. Tools like chatGPT don’t unrst our intentions , but they can assess the likelihood of word sequences by analyzing huge databases in advance. Thanks to the appropriate “training”, they can do it so well that a conversation with them resembles a conversation with a man with supernatural powers, writing co, translating into many languages, writing essays on any topic using many writing styles or levels of clarity of expression. At the same time, activities bas on the statistics of the occurrence of words in appropriate combinations do not give them the opportunity to assess how true their own answers are.

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Collect in a given mol (ChatGPT, to data from before 22). How to use ChatGPT? We can use ChatGPT through a website or through tools that use its API (data exchange system between applications). Both the website the use of the API require a free account. OpenAI has already announc a paid account that will get access to faster responses more Thailand Mobile Number List bwidth for the API. This privileg access costs 2 a month. The ChatGPT API has already been incorporat into some Microsoft tools for businesses. You can also connect your ChatGPT account with plugins like Google Sheets or GPTwriter , which allow you to use it immiately in Google tables or when writing e-mails in Gmail or other mailboxes. Many popular authoring knowlge management tools ( Notion ) implement ChatGPT-like tools or use its API.

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What are prompts how to use them

The basis of using ChatGPT is asking questions, tasks or instructions, which are usually call prompts. We can do this by writing in natural language. However, the quality of our answers pends on the clarity quality of our questions. Here are some basic tips ways to get better responses from ChatGPT. Consir the context of your question what do you want BTC Database EU ChatGPT to focus on when answering? What do you want to use it for? Asking yourself this question will help you refine the instructions so that you get the right answer, fine the task clearly Specify the task what you expect in the answer ( amount of information, examples, context). For example, give me 5 ways to give constructive feback to colleagues. Ask if the answer is not enough.

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