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Why am I starting with a person not an organization? Because LinkIn, like Facebook, rewards content from private individuals, not company profiles. It is therefore an opportunity for people from our sector to build their own name association with the social topic we al with. LinkIn makes it easier to unrst the world of business meet many valuable people who share their knowlge there. You don’t always ne to invite them as a friend, sometimes just use the Follow function. Thanks to this, the content shar by this person will be visible in our fe. It is worth taking advantage of the fact that there is still a shortage of non-business people on LinkIn (in the last Linfluencers ranking, there was no such person in the top.

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Closer to an important social topic can help us gain a group of loyal rears (people also work in business!) quickly build an expert position, while promoting the activities of your organization. Social Selling Inx newsletter on LinkIn If you want to find Taiwan Mobile Number List out how effectively you communicate on LinkIn, check the value of your Social Selling Inx (SSI), which termines the sales potential of your activities on the site, measures the effects of activity checks whether the strategy us on the portal is good. SSI evaluates whether your profile is properly complet, what content you publish, the quality of your contacts how effectively you build relationships. SSI is just a tool, so don’t get too attach to your inx number.

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Intensive activity on LI, it is for me, but it is enough that I stop writing regularly this number creases. A tool that has been gaining more more recognition on LinkIn over the last year is the newsletter. It can be prepar by people who switch to creator mo BTC Database EU When we ci to use this form of communication, we give our newsletter a name, Impact Investing Polska – newsletter of Wojciech Mróz, co-director of Ashoka Polska, ZróbmyRazemCośGood – newsletter Who will save the planet, Digital creators – newsletter of Piotr Maczuga the Digital Creators Foundation, or my newsletter tekstyakcja , in which I recommend three interesting texts one valuable social action every week.

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