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As we can see, almost half of, only the second. As many as of the survey companies, face various difficulties caus by the infrastructure load. The optimistic accent of the whole situation is the conclusion that the cloud could be the solution to the. Problems that have arisen. As Michał PaschalisJakubowicz, vicepresint of the management board of the K Group, says – Ensuring system availability and business continuity is currently one of the biggest challenges of the ecommerce industry in Poland. The outbreak of the panmic was a test of the infrastructure for many eshops those companies.

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Survey ecommerce . It is in the cloud, thanks to access to new. Technological solutions, that the ecommerce industry most often sees broar possibilities for the velopment of the platform, a chance to improve the scalability of the infrastructure Bosnia and Herzegovina Mobile Number List and increase the security of IT systems. This means increasing the availability of services and business stability, he conclus. . Soaring consumer expectations From year to year, not only the number of eshop customers is growing, but also their expectations. What do consumers pay the most attention to? ease of making a purchase ( of responnts are ready to give up the purchase if the purchase process is difficult), access to many contact channels.

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The possibility of fast and safe livery, applying. Personalization to them ( of responnts clare that they want to be treat as a person, not a customer number) the possibility of making a purchase via a smartphone of responnts buy in BTC Database EU this way today. As Patrycja SassStaniszewska, presint of the Chamber of Electronic Economy, says Interest in online shopping is constantly growing – currently of Internet users do it. This is the result in the report. Omnicommerce. I shop comfortably ” shows that the trend towards online. Shopping continues and the consumer’s preferences to buy quickly, easily and conveniently do not change.

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