Experimenting With Twitter Ads


If you are a twitter user, you must be aware that more and more ads are being shown to you every day.

As a marketer, surely this raises a question mark are these twitter ads effective and worth trying?

We all know that the cost of advertising on google adwords and facebook ads is increasing day by day. Then we are looking for an alternative platform that allows us;

Don’t rely too much on google & facebook
Reach new unexplored markets
Twitter ads: how to access

I had the opportunity to try twitter ads recently to test its effectiveness. Does it really work?


Twitter users can access twitter ads using the method above.

To advertise on twitter, we only need to have a twitter account and a debit/credit card for payment purposes.

It must be remembered that payments are still calculated in usd

Twitter ads: ad setup

Like facebook ads, twitter ads also offer several ad objectives for advertisers to choose from. If our ad aims to increase followers, then we need to select followers and so on.


The purpose of this ad is important because business phone list we will pay the cost of the ad based on the purpose of the ad. For example if we choose the goal is website clicks, we will pay to twitter only the cost for each click received (even if the same ad causes us to gain new followers).

Twitter ads : targeting

Who will our ads be shown to?

We can target our ads based on.

Twitter ads advertising achievement report

Twitter has a fairly detailed ad reporting system. This allows us to see and compare the performance of the ads we run.


As you can see above, there are 5 parameters provided by twitter to advertisers to see the performance of ads.

Twitter ads: my experience

In my experiment, I ran my ad for the BTC Database EU purpose of website clicks in automatic bid mode. Guess what happened?

I spent my first usd 5 on twitter ads only to get 19 impressions and 1 click worth usd 5.

I immediately changed the mood to manual bid and my results after that were better in terms of cost. (refer to the report above)

Comparison with facebook ads

For this initial stage, I have not yet measured the quality of traffic from twitter to the website (I will discuss it in future articles).

However, from usd 13.88 (~rm 62.46) spent, my ad generated 93 clicks (or rm0.67 for 1 click), 17, 310 impressions, 418 tweet engagements.

I can see the huge potential that exists in twitter ads.

With a little data, experience and modifications, it is not impossible that twitter ads can be one of the most effective platforms for advertising.

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