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Heat telecommunications services or even public administration. of city resints and of rural resints have a similar opinion on this subject. This social group cannot be unrestimat, mainly because it is just enter the labor market and is gradually sett trends in B C or even B B business communication bas on how it communicates with each other. And for communication, web tools such as social mia, e-mail, chat are us, or forms on the website. Thus, the telephone as a channel of verbal communication begins to rece into the background. Its maintenance by suppliers will be condition by the ne to service only some customers who will prefer a personal.

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Limit to servic VIP customers only. TREND NO. – MULTI-CHANNEL COMMUNICATION Enterprises that respond to changes in the business environment, includ changes in the behavior and preferences of their current and future customers, already Cameroon Mobile Number List know that they cannot limit themselves to servic and maintain only traditional communication channels telephone, fax Broad Internet access and the mobility of tablet users, The number of smartphones means that customers who wait too long for the next call at the hotline are more likely to send an e-mail ask about the product, or fill out the form on the website and wait for contact from the consultant. There is also some risk associat with this. A dissatisfi customer will quickly pour out his grievances on the company.

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Important that entrepreneurs treat information incom via electronic channels in at least the same way as they react today to a customer call the hotline and respond to them with the highest quality of service. Possibility to contact the supplier’s company via e-mail, web,Internet chat or social network sites is a nod to customers and a response to their BTC Database EU expectations. One can even be tempt to say that an entrepreneur who does not launch multi-channel communication for his clients may lose them to competitors who will have such an opportunity. TREND NO. – SOCIAL MIA CARE Accord to research by The Economist managers from companies around the world were survey percent.

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