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So she went to her mother to ask about it, and found out that her mother had inherit the habit from her grandmother. In the end, it turn out that the doyen of the family always cut off a piece of meat before roast, because she only had a short roast pan. This is how the implementation of good practices can look like, if we do not take into account that good practices, even industry ones, are not tailor to our company. The question is whether we can afford to cut off a large piece of “roast” every time. So why do we use good practices? Crowd mentality, or how we submit to convention. This is a very human trait, also outsi of business realities. We copy, often thoughtlessly, others whose style, recognition and money we envy.

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We then imitate until a new one emerges. We want to be better, but we cannot afford to discover our own way or we are afraid of it, so we adapt someone else’s ready recipes for success, because it does not expose us to ridicule or failure, but also does Albania Phone Numbers List not “exposure” us to stand out from the crowd. Adher to the conventions allows you to safely go with the flow, seemly protects us from mistakes, but also prevents us from real velopment, because by imitat, we work for someone else’s success. Good practices: to be or not to be innovative Be innovative requires knowlge, creativity, courage and, above all, hard work. Simply.

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Groundbreak ia from noth while tak a bath are just legends. There are no shortcuts here. All innovative ias are support by work , experience, serious BTC Database EU research and reliable analysis. Be innovative and innovat is also risky – there is no safe, proven ground here – we become pioneers who can gain a lot, but also lose a lot, sometimes even everyth. Nevertheless, the same can happen if we mindlessly follow the competition. It goes like butter. finitely? Sometimes we ne quick and easy to implement solutions. We have to achieve the goals, time is press and the indicators are not grow. Try out good industry practices may seem like a good.

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