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How does mical care al with these problems on a daily basis? Of course, with the help of technology. Low callback rate One of the most common problems report by patients is the difficulty in reach the registration office . This is most often due to the high occupancy of reception staff – they are not able to answer so many calls and do not have the tools to handle miss calls. In addition, most often the telephone registration also serves as the reception sk at the clinic and must perform other tasks relat to customer service. A solution here could be a separate helpline with consultants to handle requests – from many communication channels – not only phone calls, but also e-mail contacts, from the form on the chat page.

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Prevent miss calls. Unus visits The nightmare of public and private clinics is that patients do not show up for appointments . Accord to the Mazovian branch of the National Health Fund, only in the first quarter of , there were over , unus visits . Miss Afghanistan Cell Phone Number List appointments are associat with financial losses and higher labor costs, as well as dissatisfaction of patients wait for appointments. The number of unus visits can be ruc by means of automatically sent reminrs and SMS and e-mail confirmations . This allows you to ruce the number of cancel visits by as much as % . Poor information flow between facilities Difficult flow of information between facilities, various, non-integrat databases.

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Specific to the network of mical facilities. It happens that a patient who has us a given facility so far cannot sign up for another one, because the registration does not have access to his data. This significantly affects the image of the facility, the BTC Database EU perception of the level of service and leads to the loss of patients to the competition. In such a situation, it is necessary to implement tools that will integrate databases, centralize communication and enable work monitor to improve service efficiency. Mical care and low assessment of the quality of communication and service The above three problems result in the poor quality of communication and service that patients complain about.

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