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In this way, we not only build trust, but also give our clients a sense of security. If you haven’t already, provi your employees, especially customer service consultants in this case, with all the tools that are necessary for safe and uninterrupted remote work . You may need to purchase them and implement them quickly. However, this effort and this investment will pay off not only in the short term. This is the first step to maintaining the quality of service and good customer relations. Maintain communication with your customers during this difficult time. Inform them about changes taking place in your company due to the crisis. You have different means and channels at your disposal, pending on the nature of your business.

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Social media Call your key customers. This is a huge time saver, not to mention the potential reduction of customer inquiries. It is also about building Jordan Mobile Number List expert authority in a crisis, maintaining the image of reliability and laying the foundations for longterm relationships with clients. If you still don’t have a Customer Care partment in your company maintaining customer relations this is the last call for you to take care of it. Thanks to this, you will minimize the risk of customers leaving due to service negligence. The virus in Customer Experience.

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Remember about multichannel communication with the client . Create a direct communication path. This is not the time to wait for the customer to make a move in your direction. This is the time when customer service in your company needs to BTC Database EU shine, enabling not only highquality operations, but also a simple path to reach this service. Use this time to analyze your customers’ needs and rethink their intentions. What does this mean in practice? Analyze the data you collect over the years to properly update your IVR , consir the operation of service automation processes , see if it is possible to improve and shorten the processes of handling requests, inquiries and complaints.

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