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Security is it important that no unauthoriz person can hear. The conversations to prevent outsirs from enter the conference room? If the meet is. Record do we get a guarantee that no one outsi the company will have access to the records? Is the. Teleconferenc tool us safe for the company’s internal network. Skype security has holes like Swiss cheese. Sound quality – do we accept interruptions in audibility and interference caus by sound transfer bas on Internet VoIP technology or do we care about guarante sound quality thanks to the use of switch telephone network. Accessibility – is it important to be able to organize a teleconference at any time, even when some participants do not have access to the Internet.

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We also conduct talks with people resid outsi Poland? If so. It is very important to provi cheap international access numbers in the tool. A fully professional tool recommend by hundrs of companies is telemeet . Telemeet meets the highest Romania Mobile Number List requirements for corporate teleconferences the solution provir guarantees its reliability, provis constant technical support, offers a whole range of functions that facilitate the organization and conduct of teleconferences, ensures maximum security, and the sound quality is high thanks to the transfer over the telephone network.

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Receive access numbers that ruce telecommunications costs. To participate in a telemeet, a simple touchtone telephone is sufficient. Second Virtual PBX A virtual exchange ( PBX ) is a telephone system of communication with the client, which BTC Database EU operates on the basis of an intelligent cloud, most often as a subscription service (SaaS or Software as a Service). Thanks to it, you can stop internal calls (in the organization) and external calls from telecommunications operators in the telephone network. The virtual PBX connects extensions to outsi and mobile lines. Why do you ne it? You will ruce costs by transferr the service costs to the service provir You will eliminate.

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