Don’t expect to sell even 1 euro if you don’t have one of these assets in your business


Don’t expect to sell We all like to sell. We can be better at it or but we all do it. We are sellers by nature. Sometimes it is our company, an idea, ourselves and others even sell you their own mother. Today we are not talking about the latter but about all those who want to sell a product or service. The million dollar question is: what do I need to sell online? online store or a simple landing page . It takes something more than that.

A community with which you have already earned trust

Don’t expect to sell A community with which you have already earned trust “In the end industry email list everything lies in trust . ” It is a quote from Silvia Cueto that she recently made in a post of mine that was on the subject. You can give it any twists you want. A high degree of trust is also reflected in the size and/or strength of the community that a person or company has. It is one of the most valuable assets that is not created overnight.e communication is also vitally important. We must take care of the pillars of each community and give them special treatment.

A strong well-known brand with strong values these assets in your business

A strong well-known brand with strong values BTC Database EU Creating a community can go hand in hand with creating a strong brand but it is not absolutely necessary. There are also cases of well-known brands that do not necessarily have a strong community. These are those products that for some reason have had problems in the past and have been able to disappear completely. These cases include brands such as Lois or Polaroid. 

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