When Given a Choice the Customer Will Choose


Have we not noticed, there are some similar situations faced by other businesses when they try to switch from manual to automatic?

I take some examples.

Example 1 : toll payment from cash (manual) to electronic (tounch n go). When given these 2 options, the majority paid using cash. Line pays cash always jam and they are willing to jam just to pay cash.

Then the 100% electronic toll was introduced which at the same time forced everyone to pay using an electronic card and at the same time it solved the problem of jams in the cash aisle.


Example 2 : order system at sushi king restaurant. Sushi king provides ipads at every table in their restaurant to make the ordering process easier no longer through the waiter.

I noticed, sushi king also still gives customers the option to call the server to place an order. And god only knows how many customers choose to call the server every time they order. That is the easiest option.

As far as I remember gas stations did not use self-service systems

There is a special staff assigned to each pump machine whose job is to pump oil into the customer’s vehicle tank.

Then this system was changed to a self-service system as it is now. If given a choice, I believe that many people would like to have gas station call lists staff pumping gas into their vehicles.

And there are many other examples that you can relate to this situation.

Buy on website vs pm on whatsapp
I have a client who has an ecommerce website but still offers the option to buy on whatsapp.

Usually in my client’s copywriting, he will give 2 options as follows.

This copywriting is also used to create facebook ads using engagement objectives

Try to guess what percentage are pm on whatsapp compared to buying directly on the website?

The vast majority of prospects pm BTC Database EU on whatsapp and only a very small percentage buy directly on the website.

My client has tried many ways to get customers to buy on the website.

Among them is a 10% discount offer for purchases on the website. There is no discount if you buy the manual on whatsapp.

What happens is that customers are willing to ignore the 10% discount offer just to buy on whatsapp! Ha!

It also has to do with the way we advertise on facebook, but I will discuss that topic in a future post.

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