The phases of e-mail marketing activation to convert contacts into customers


The phases of e-mail It is not easy to achieve results with e-mail marketing . The good news is that it is not an impossible mission either. There is no need to despair because everything has a solution. First you have to understand why things are not going as you expected before starting with e-mail marketing. Once the errors have been analyzed and identified, we can move forward.

Why the expected results are not achieved with e-mail marketing

The phases of e-mail Why the expected results are not achieved top industry data with e-mail marketing One of the biggest mistakes in email marketing is not making use of it. Many people fear its bad image because it is confused with spam. Few know that it is the most effective online marketing channel if used appropriately. Use of databases not permitted : many confuse e-mail marketing with spam. You need a person’s approval to send them a commercial email. 

Generation activation conversion and repetition are the

Generation, activation, conversion and BTC Database EU repetition are the 4 phases for email marketing to work for you Once you have decided on a suitable email marketing tool you can get to work. Few entrepreneurs or marketers have understood that there are different phases in attracting customers with email marketing that cannot be skipped if you want to obtain results.

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