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Despite the ongoing ethical debate over whether artificial intelligence is an ally or foe. The trend seems to be leaning towards embracing its. Utilities and harnessing its capabilities to improve efficiency in everyday life. Although we have not yet established clear limits on the application of AI, it is undeniable that the majority of Spanish companies have already adopted this technology and incorporated it into their normal operations.

Impact on company productivity

The revolution of Artificial Intelligence in Spanish companies This is demonstrated category email list by the study developed by HubSpot “Artificial intelligence and its impact on company productivity” which reveals that more than 66% of Spanish companies have already invested in Artificial Intelligence and more than 55% of those surveyed consider that this.

Companies have already invested in Artificial

Technology is essential in your daily work. 45% of them claim that BTC Database EU AI tools save time and automate manual tasks, even stating that they save between 1 and 3 hours a day thanks to artificial intelligence. This is particularly relevant for the sales team, where 36% of respondents say they have managed to make many more sales using AI tools compared to the past.

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