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Nteractive content can bring great benefits Interactive value  to your business. It creates important audience data, says joderama. Click to Tweet Because of these and other benefits that interactive content offers, the CMI editorial team thought it was a good time to revisit the discussion on this topic. For those who may have missed it the first time, I’ve revisited the essence of working with this powerful content format – what it is, how it works, and how it works. How can it best be applied to achieve your marketing goals? And since interactivity techniques and technologies continue to rapidly evolve and expand, we’ve shared a few more examples to get you excited about the possibilities of working with these formats.

Common Interactive value interactive formats

Meal kit delivery services have become a booming industry email list  segment, of the growing subscription commerce industry. Indeed, they are a hot commodity. However, with so many similar services on the market, it is also difficult for these retailers to differentiate. Themselves from their competitors. British retailer HelloFresh has taken on this challenge with a flavor generator. This interactive content tool allows consumers to choose flavors and ingredients that suit their mood, and submit meal ideas with easy-to-follow recipes to prepare themselves, whether or not they order the HelloFresh meal kit version. 

Lead development

SnapApp was looking for a, fun but data-driven way Btc Databaseeu to educate B2B audiences. About the impact of interactivity while showcasing the benefits of using their platform. Thus, Contentland (a version of the popular children’s game Candyland) was born. SnapApp began the development process by working with its sales team to identify the key. Information they wanted to know about their prospects. Game questions and discussion points are then created, speaking to each player’s own marketing role based on the information revealed moving throughout the game. According to SnapApp, the initiative was an outstanding success, achieving a click-through rate of , a mouse-over rate of , and a lead conversion rate of . Of course, it won the 2017 Content Marketing Award for making the most of interactive infographics.

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