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The follow sales opportunities: after-sales service, cyclical service, suggest a test drive. This can improve the after-sales service itself and maintain relations, by means of a notification about the possibility of collect the car . Currently, of course, these options exist, but they are alt with by the sales or service sk. By transferr these services to a business velopment center, we gain a better organization, which automatically gives us greater profits. So customer service at the car alership still has a chance for excellence. Customer service is often an unrestimat stage of acquir or maintain consumers in a relationship with our company. We don’t even realize how many customers we lose due to poor quality of communication.

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Mistakes in customer service and how to fix them. Perhaps they also apply to you. Customer service today is bas on multi-channel communication , which is sign to enable a current or potential customer to contact our company. Few people are still Croatia Mobile Number List aware that nowadays it is not just a hotline or an unwant channel for communication with clients, but rather a form of market and an element of the organization’s image. What’s more, few people are still aware of the importance of service quality for the company, and the statistics speak for themselves.

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Verint Systems Inc in , in countries (over , consumers), only % of responnts believe that in this case price is more important than quality (today this number would probably be even lower). Meanwhile, the quality of service is still different. Accord to BTC Database EU the report, only % of responnts were satisfi with the quality of service. Many of these people are invisible customers , people who have not left a review . Thus, it can be much more difficult for the company to correct errors, because it is not even aware of their existence. Below we present the four most common ones, which are probably also committ in your organization, and the propos solutions to fix them.

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