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Thanks to Live Monitor, managers, spite the remote work system. Have the opportunity to monitor their work on an ongo basis: time, breaks, number of calls ma, results, number of incom, handl and unhandl calls. The future is therefore solutions operat in the cloud, available directly in the web browser, on the user’s computer. The Focus Contact Center platform guarantees such a possibility, because the work of consultants is possible from any place, without the ne to install software and purchase additional hardware, all you ne is a computer with Internet access. . Knowlge Workers The knowlge worker” is the ial type of person work in a contact center.

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Features such as communicativeness, dynamism of action, creativity. Time management skills, stress resistance and “hard” skills eg knowlge of foreign languages, specialist. Knowlge, ability to use programs computer. A contact center nes technically Bulgaria Mobile Number List experienc, critical think employees ready to consir in a thoughtful way problems and objects that fall within the scope of experience, cooperat and ready to take individual responsibility for customer experiences. They are empathetic, patient, helpful and know how to listen well. In addition, these employees are well vers in new technologies and enjoy shar this information in the online world.

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Convenient communication channel for them. They unrstand the importance of real-time availability and responsiveness. . New technologies Thanks to new technologies, establish relationships will be easier and more efficient. The call center BTC Database EU employee of the future will feel comfortable work with them, which will facilitate establish relationships with supervisors as well as customers. The contact center will enter a high turnover. Thanks to such functionalities as: HLR – effective check of GSM numbers, API or multi-campaign and prioritization of campaigns and communication channels. The wallboard – a screen on which current work results and goals to be achiev on a given day are present, visible to all agents – becomes a great tool for motivation.

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