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It works in such a way that the supervisor listens to randomly select call records of a given employee (most efficiently us tagg), enters values ​​for individual criteria in the form and for each interview call the average rat, visible in the database of records, is automatically count. Such personal analyzes make it possible to intify the weaknesses of each employee, which is the start point for their improvement. Call center call script Is call record legal? Two provisions of Polish law are the most important in regulat the record of conversations with customers. These are: article of the Penal Co (of June , ), which assumes the admissibility of record conversations in which we participate yourself – company representatives participate.

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When record a conversation, we do not come into possession of any information that was not intend for us – the client said it himself, so it is information intend for our company. Of course, record a conversation in which we do not participate Anhui Mobile Phone Number List ourselves and whose participants did not agree to it is punishable. The Personal Data Protection Act (of August , ), which obliges companies to inform customers about the record of calls. This is due to the fact that the company stores customer data later – they will be information provid dur the conversation, and even the voice itself, enabl the intification of interlocutors.

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As far as the GDPR is concern the record of conversations in  by the consent of the interlocutor in accordance with the requirements of Art. of the regulation. This also means the ne to inform the other party about the purpose of process personal BTC Database EU data and the legal basis. In addition, Art. GDPR requires this information to be present in a concise and clear manner. Record conversations and improv communication with clients Records are a great tool to improve the quality and spe of customer service, increase sales and resolve disputes quickly. When us the tagg function, the analysis and use of records takes the minimum amount of time ne.

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