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On the other hand, tenants need quick handl of requests. Especially in situations of major failures, when there are problems with handl a large number of requests at the same time. Good quality and efficient customer service can work wonrs. However. This requires tools to increase the number of calls, provi new communication channels, or gain control over the. Work of consultants in the Customer Service Office. Contact personalization – a new approach to customer service The client who contacts the real estate office or the manager expects that his problem will be solved as soon as possible. He certainly doesn’t want to be referred to other people to repeat the story of the case he reported to.

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Also be based on data collected about the customer. That is, it should be profiled and personalized. This is possible when consultants who talk to the client have access to a database that collects the history of all contacts with a given person. Then they Sweden Phone Numbers List can not only serve faster and more effectively, but also make the customer feel treated individually and attentively. It should also be remembered that the lack of sufficient knowledge about the products, as well as the market and the specificity of a given industry among consultants is perceived as incompetence and a serious error in service and has a large impact on the perception of the brand in general.

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Knowledge about the legal status, fees and technical data of the apartment. This is certainly facilitated by a database, and in the case of telephone consultations – a conversation script. Knowledge about what we sell ultimately builds our image and certainly BTC Database EU translates into sales. What solutions can make it possible? The follow tools can help in the implementation of these customer service tasks from the. Technological si: – IVR voice menu , configurable, which will direct the customer to the right person right away. Call queu (especially useful when there are many requests. Automation of notifications – Predictive Dial function – mak calls at the best moment (set by us.

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