Retention is almost unimaginable of internet


Tects that it is a VIP client and activates the automation working for a long time, knows the system by heart and has already talk to this client many times before. At the same time, the business process automation system creates a ticket, sets the priority to high, and sends a message to the manager. It also shows the customer card to the consultant, who immiately knows with whom he will talk and has a moment to mentally prepare himself. In this way, the risk of making a mistake while handling the notification is significantly ruc, and a standard, repeatable procure is maintain, facilitating company management.

The client greet by name consultant

Knows forgets the soldier’s words. More – enjoys individual service. There is also a greater chance that they will recommend yoInteractive content – ​​ content that we can click, listen to, run – is a powerful tool for engaging Internet users. Their Guangdong Mobile Phone Number List effectiveness results from referring to the mechanisms of action of each of us. We get to know and contact the world with all our senses, which is why content that interacts in different ways is more attractive to us. Let’s see how it works. “Do not touch the exhibits” Museum. Proverbially ad and dusty. Rows of objects separat from us by glass or chain. We go, we nod, sometimes something will interest us.

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Would you like to put on hussar armor

Really that heavy – try to paint something with oil paint and compare it with watercolor. Nothing. “Please do not touch the exhibits.” Fortunately, this is basically the past – the Warsaw Uprising Museum, the Vasa Museum in Stockholm, the Museum of BTC Database EU Soap and the History of Dirt in Bydgoszcz in each of them we are encourag to touch, try, listen, create something and take it with us. As the director of digitization (!) of New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art says , “Netflix and Candy Crush are our competitors.” Apps. Not other museums. Thus, traditionally static institutions see the benefits of interactivity.

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