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Whom he will again have to tell about his problem (or worse – the client is ask to call a different number andor at a different time). The voice announcement system, the mechanism of maintain relations and queu telephone calls accord to skills can be us simultaneously , the client first goes to the IVR, where he cis with which partment he wants to connect. If the customer has already contact a given partment, he is connect to the agent with whom he spoke before, thanks to the relationship maintenance mechanism. If he has not contact a given partment yet, but is already in the database, he will be rirect to an agent with appropriate competences, thanks to queu calls accord to skills. How to ensure that calls from key customers are always handl immiately.

Simple solutions Simple solutions although

Not entirely effective, inclu provid VIPs with a special telephone number, from which calls are prioritiz by the system, or rirect calls from the most important customers (bas on intify their numbers) to dicat mobile phone numbers. These solutions are Hong Kong Phone Numbers List not fully satisfactory. In the first case, there is a risk that customers who do not receive a VIP hotline number will feel badly treat. In the second case, there may be a problem when the “VIP” phone rs, but all agents are already on calls and the call will not be answer at all. Queu calls accord to the importance of customers (profit-bas rout.

Phone Number List

Records in the database are assign weights

Most important customers, – important customers, – other active customers, – inactive customers. The number is intifi for incom calls. If the number is in the database, the system checks the weight assign to it. The higher the weight, the faster the call will BTC Database EU be handl . Profit-bas rout (PBR) is an extension of the skill-bas call queu mo scrib earlier . The problem with queu accord to skills can be “bombardment” with calls of the most competent consultant in a given field with little activity of other agents. The most professional consultant talks almost constantly, while the other employees have few conversations.

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