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There is no quick answer and it’s hard to get through. The response to the customer’s e-mail should be sent within work hours at the latest. If the customer has not been able to reach the call – they should be call back within a maximum of an hour (in some industries – within minutes). ) personaliz communication Thanks to access to. Information about previous contacts, employees refer to the specific nes of a given client in communication. They also present themselves personally – the customer knows their names and surnames, sees photos in the chat or in social mia. competent consultants Inquiries and notifications sent via any channel should be. Automatically sent to the appropriate people thanks to the use of connection queu mechanisms.

With multi and omni-channel communication

Necessary in queu strategies to take into account. The competence of consultants in the field of communication in a given channel. While it has long been a standard in larger contact centers to queue connections accord to the skills of agents (skill-bas rout ). Where the criterion is the knowlge of agents about a given product, now the use of so-call Germany Mobile Number List contextual queu. Contextual queu , in addition to the consultants’ product knowlge, uses the criteria of communication skills in a given channel ( whether the consultant talks freely in the chat) and the exist relationship with a given customer – which consultant contact him most often (the so-call mechanism of maintain the relationship.

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Unfortunately still encounter in many Polish companies, is send the client to another channel. For example, a consultant receives a chat request and asks the client to call the provid phone number. Answer the title question – yes, it can already BTC Database EU be said that omni-channel in sales and customer service is already mandatory. Although still not fully us in many Polish companies, it is a hallmark of those “doom to success” on the market. Those who are still try to be a step ahead and are not afraid of innovation. Queu calls and automatically direct them to the appropriate partments is the basis for efficient customer service.

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