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Publish a file with of x instead of the requir you will load, which will only slow down the loading of your page. Organizing content blog positioning – categories tags Categories tags are two taxonomies (ways of organizing content) us on blogs. In WordPress, the first is matory, the second is optional. They allow you to group content into logical sets that will make it easier for readers to read your posts. The correct division also supports blog positioning. Categories are general thematic groups that are worth planning already at the stage of creating a blog For example, if you deal with animals, these can be the species you write about dogs, cats, hamsters, parrots, etc.

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For a fashion blog, these will be, for , tips or a lookbook. If, on the other h, you write about books, divide the entries by general literary genres. Take care of simple naming that will clearly indicate what is in a given category. In addition, try to avoid too detail a division, because in this way you will get rundant category subpages with links to individual Malaysia Phone Number List entries, which will only slow down the indexing of the blog. When it comes to tags their impact on blog positioning – opinions are divid. Some experts believe that they are completely unnecessary in principle they are right. It is difficult to use tags correctly, even minor mistakes do more harm than good.

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The correct set of tags should reflect

Thematic associations other than categories. So if we are dealing with a blog about animals, an example tag could be, for example, “pet diet” or “pet toys”. In the case of a fashion blog, these can be, for example: “long dresses”, “high heels”, etc. They BTC Database EU will allow you to combine content that belongs to completely different categories into sets. When entering tag names, absolutely avoid inflection – these are not keywords! If you’re assigning lyrics to the “long dresses” tag, never use the “long dress” tag. In this way, you will only generate unnecessary subpages that will slow down the indexing of your website may negatively affect the positioning of your blog.

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