Our products are becoming more numerous and varied


The bigger the business, the more ideas come.

We have put these ideas into product form.

As the number of products increases, selling and managing product inventory will become more challenging.

We have upsell & cross-sell ideas but it is difficult to do it manually.

We are starting to notice many miss-opportunities that are opportunities that cannot be seized due to system, sop, and operational limitations.


Or do we not have an exit strategy and want to do business until old age?

If we do not have a business exit strategy, we will usually. Be forced to exit the business such as falling sales or competitors taking over our place with a more efficient system.

Exit strategy for a successful business is such. As ipo (initial public offering), sale of 100% of the company’s equity, or acceptance of external investment.

 We start thinking about business exit strategy

So ask yourself, with the business system we have now, can we exit the business in a successful way?


When there are signs above, we realize that it is time for us to start moving to the ecommerce system.

Don’t be afraid, we can still run the old business way while trying ecommerce.

I was quite surprised because many telephone biz ecommerce website owners are not aware of the components that must be present in an ecommerce website.

After I asked about some things, apparently the component was never installed or was in his ecommerce website.

Realizing that, today I will write about the components that must be present in any ecommerce website.

You can read and forward to your respective web developers regarding this post (or you can contact me to develop your e-commerce website.

What is the exit strategy for the business we are running now

Yes, there are still ecommerce websites that don’t have google analytics installed.

I put it in the first place to imagine BTC Database EU how important this component is to your ecommerce website.

Installing it is not difficult. You only need to register to google analytics, copy the code provided and enter it in the website header (ok it sounds like it’s difficult for some people).

Usually ecommerce platforms already have plugins for google analytics. Install and follow the instructions given. It usually takes less than 15 minutes to do.

Why is google analytics important? To learn more about google analytics, you can download my ebook for free on google analytics basic guide for ecommerce business.

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