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We do not outsource this to subcontractors over. Whom you have no control. Read also about the presentation of the number – how you will use the phone number to increase the effectiveness of sales and telephone service. PBX migration. Sets After transferr the numbers, the next step is to configure the phones. If you already have SIP phones, you just plug them in and your provir sets them up. For non-SIP phones, you have two options: – purchase of SIP handsets. This can mean a large one-time expense, especially when you are mov all the phones in the company to the cloud. Fortunately, there is a second option, which is – camera rental. In this way, the cost of purchas them is spread over a longer period of time, and you can use them right away.

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About the best financ mol for you, you can always consult your PBX provir who will propose an appropriate solution. Maybe he offers the sale or lease of phones himself – and immiately with a ready configuration. Just connect, assign users Thailand Mobile Number List and your team can work. PBX Migration – Configuration At the end of this short road, you will configure the control panel itself. As in the previous stages, you will make most of the setts in cooperation with the supplier who will advise on the best solutions. You will configure the IVR voice menu ( you can read about simple rules for creat an IVR here ) and select the types of telephone queues to the specificity of your nes.

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Control panel is a very simple and intuitive tool – you are ready to work. PBX Migration – Benefits PBX migration complet, you can start us new opportunities – you have full control over the. Telephony system in the company, you do not have to call BTC Database EU technicians to service the PBX, and all software updates are perform remotely by the provir. In contrast to the stationary PBX, in the event of a PBX failure. The repair will be remote – without the arrival of a repair team. Disconnection of electricity and complete chaos in the office. You will answer of calls from customers, the remain you will call back within a few minutes. Plus, you’ll save money – internal calls are free.

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