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Pay close attention to how users  There are many other tips in this article, all of which affect the overall user experience. Remember that “user experience” is the overall experience of using your website, so everything on it is part of it. Optimize your  users decide if they like the ling page in the first few seconds More often than not, a simple glance at the visible area without scrolling is enough – this is where the key information should be. When arranging your content, consider that this area varies from device to device. Now that you know what your users are looking at, you can optimize this area. It should describe what you’re selling in the first place, at the same time there should be a clear call to action (Call To Action) Make your call to action clear honest.

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Misleading the user will contribute to the bad impression of the Internet user, which may be the main reason for the high bounce rate , at the same time, low conversions. Improve site spe As we mention earlier, users decide how attractive a website Afghanistan Cell Phone Number List is in the first few seconds. You don’t want to use that time by showing them a blank page , do you? Using tools like Google Page Spe , you can optimize every ling page on your website. Did you know that a 1 second delay can cost you a 7% drop in sales, 11% fewer pageviews a 16% drop in customer satisfaction (source: Strangeloop) ? To spe up your website, you should optimize your images, use a content delivery network, add better caching.

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Consider switching to a faster hosting provider. Test several solutions It’s possible that your headline or call to action isn’t working. That’s why it’s important to do an AB test Use different content strategies on each page run AB split tests to see how each BTC Database EU one performs. You can also create different ling pages by targeting different audiences, regions, keywords, etc. If you serve an international audience, you can detect the user’s location show them a localiz ling page. Displaying user content in their own language, currency cultural background greatly improves the user experience.

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