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If the servers were replac with new ones, we will also achieve savs on investment costs in a smaller number of machines and their subsequent collocation. Small companies in particular cannot afford the stagnation associat with the lack of access to internal information. Virtualization gives them greater protection against failures thanks to the control of the service provir, which thus ensures quick removal and minimization of the effects of possible failures. The effect of implement virtualization can also be a smooth transition to cloud comput .

The advantage of virtualization

Also mobility achiev thanks to access to company resources from various vices. Research commission by Symantec ( SMB Disaster Preparness Survey) indicat that already % of small and mium-siz companies use mobile vices for business purposes – and Bahrain Mobile Number List this is just the beginn. The popularization of consumerization in the world will finitely increase these results.Flexibility, mobility, scalability, as well as system management by the service provir are what cloud comput is most convinc. Unfortunately, with the velopment of this technology and mov away from stationary solutions, concerns about employment in IT partments also appear. Are these concerns justifi? Meet Focus Contact Center a comprehensive communication platform in the cloud.

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The cloud prevails  recent study Gartner

Says that % of companies in the US are cloud users for all or most products, while % of companies have mov their data storage service to cloud storage . Everyth indicates that these numbers will gradually increase in the next few years. In turn, Forrester BTC Database EU Research estimates a % crease in mand for “traditional – not cloud” services in the small and mium-siz business sector. You can read more about the forecasts on the cloud comput market in the article computer world and on the economics portal . Mass sale of stationary IT equipment, telephone exchanges and implementations of services and software in the on-site mol, the glory years are behind it.

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