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Authorizations – grant agents the maximum permissible. Another issue is the constant availability for consultation of managers who can make cisions on more complex issues. ) Incentive system – should be relat to the level of FCR achiev. pend on your. Customer service goals, you ne to termine the right balance between the sir level of FCR and performance. In other words, it is necessary to termine and clearly communicate to the agents whether the priority is the quality of service or its spe. In the first case, you should give up reward high levels of performance indicators such as AHT, Average Handl Time.

Knowlge base For agents comprehensive

Constantly updat directory with simple tips to solve the most. Common customer problems, with information on how to al with more complex .  For customers. Scriptions of productsservices. Enstructions, guis, sets of typical questions and Italy Phone Numbers List answers to them ( FAQ – Frequently Ask Questions ) post on the company’s website – materials that usually ruce the number of inquiries address to the service partment and can be reference point dur talks with the agent. Technologies – useful functions of communication tools ) Skills-bas rout – a function thanks to which customer contact in a given case is immiately direct to consultants specializ in a given topic.

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Situations and contacts to expertsmanagers

It allows you to avoid a situation in which the. Client presents his problem, only to find out in a moment that he was wast his time, because he will be BTC Database EU connect to another person who knows better in the indicat field, to whom he will have to tell about his problem again (or even worse – the client is ask to call a different number andor at a different time). The use of this function is possible for customers who are already in the company’s database and know in what area and what kind of support they may ne.

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