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Unpaid search results Digital marketing is therefore. Also about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) activities This is a different positioning of websites The describ form marketing is divid into the following activities: SEO On Site  Offsite SEO In. The first case, digital marketing allows you to optimize the website, operating within it Therefore, aspects such as: source code quality, content on the page, performance (site loading spe), responsiveness (adaptation to mobile device screens), site  multimia size, appropriate URLs  much more are taken into account  On the other.

Off Site are activities that are perform

Outside the client’s website First of all, it is getting. Links They are responsible for the cribility of the website A large number of valuable links are treat by the search engine’s algorithm as a kind of recommendation The activities carri out are very often prec by an SEO audit Thanks to the audit, specialists know what are the weak Bulgaria Mobile Number List strong points of the website On the other h, bas on the prepar report, it is possible to. Develop a long-term positioning strategy You can be sure that specialists from a good agency, performing SEO activities for your br, will ensure that you get long-term effects of this service GOOGLE ADS CAMPAIGNS Digital marketing is also the use of Google Ads campaigns (formerly Google Adwords) In this way.

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Mark with the slogan Advertisement

It is possible to display a text or product ad in the search engine Using this type of campaign, it is also possible to display graphic ads (banners) in the Google Display Network Google Ads also includes video ads on YouTube If you decide to BTC Database EU advertise in the search engine, your website will be display in the first, second, third or fourth position of all results in Google  will be If you choose to promote your site with text ads, they will also be label as  Google Sponsor Links   Google Paid Ads The advertisement of your website will be display for specific keywords  For example, if you run an online women’s clothing store, a link to it may appear.

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