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A short CTA will also encourage real recipients to read the content here now. The length of the meta tags also matters. It has been assum that the stard is characters with spaces zs. for the title characters with spaces zzs. for the meta description. How to start writing texts for a website? Texts for the website should be creat on the basis of the content strategy the distribution of key phrases within the subpages. Then, each of the subpages page topics should be examin in terms of the potential of key phrases that are enter by the recipients in order to look for the content that we want to serve them. Such a process is keyword research.

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Target groups of recipients to know to whom, when for what purpose we send messages, expectations of your company’s customer, internal external forms of company communication, SEO audit key phrases, competition. Once you’ve complet the initial Guangdong Mobile Phone Number List stage you’ve got an idea of ​​what’s going on in your industry, you can move on to planning. Remember that competition should not be your determinant your content must be better! Order a free quote! What’s next? So how to prepare a text for a website step by step The first stage of content production for a website is a thorough analysis of the competition’s content for given phrases.

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You can do it manually, but it is a that will require technical knowlge. Specialists most often use innovative paid tools for this purpose, which analyze many websites in a short time offer clear results regarding the length of texts, the number BTC Database EU of headers, etc. ahrefs or Senuto. Having the results in the form of numbers in front of you makes it much easier to plan each stage of production determine what the result of the work should look like. When preparing notes a list with the most important information, it is easier to write the text tick off the next important points as complet. The second step is to prepare the phrases. Don’t limit yourself to general phrases use long tail phrases as well as local or br phrases.

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