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Thanks to this robots will be able to better underst what the be able to find on a given page. Therefore, it will be able to be display in the SERP for specific queries. Meta title meta description – elements So what do these two meta tags consist of? When creating them, you should remember about originality, adequacy to the content contain on the website the appropriate length. You should also pay attention to their optimization in terms of SEO. The meta title should contain the basic keyword for which the subpage is to rank. It is also important that the meta title corresponds.

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The content of the header on a given subpage. In addition, it is worth including the name of the br or domain to which it applies, so that the user immiately associates with which company he is dealing. The optimal title meta length is pixels , which is about – zzs. It is worth sticking to this range strictly, because if it is longer, cut off a piece of it. The meta Cameroon Phone Number List description should consist of short – sentences that best describe the content of the page. It is also worth including a key phrase here, but remember to keep it natural. The description should be up to pixels wide , which is about. This is also a good place to add a CTA (Call to Action), a call to action that will encourage the user to visit the page.

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When creating your meta tags, it is worth be unique relevant to a particular page. Properly prepar meta tags have a significant impact on the number of visits to a given website. This is because users are usually more likely to visit clearly label pages where BTC Database EU they know what to expect. In addition, bas on the meta tags, search engines can determine which websites will best respond to the enter query. What to avoid in meta tags? There are several elements to avoid when designing your meta title meta description. First, it’s important to avoid keyword stuffing This term refers to the artificial use of the same or different keywords multiple times in a meta section.

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