Use this formula to increase conversion


I use this hmtj formula to set a standard for conducting daily marketing & sales activities in a more organized manner.

If you notice, in theory it is the same as the normal marketing theory through the sales funnel that ends with conversion/sale.

In fact, most of the small online sellers on facebook or instagram are already.Therefore, conducting gathering activities, generating interest, building trust & selling.

But sometimes we focus too much on these 2 activities only. Therefore, Collect-sell, collect-sell & collect-sell. Our daily activities are just to add followers & fans, and update more sales postings. This causes prospects to get bored and unable to see the value behind what we share.

Interests & trusts.

Talking about interest & trust directs the discussion towards content marketing

Without quality and valuable content, it is difficult to attract people to us/products/services.

Trust is the last element that a prospect needs before conversion. When this element is successfully planted in the prospect’s mind, conversion will occur.

Formula hmtj

From this discussion, we can call lists derive a formula:

H x m x t = j

From this formula, we can make the following conclusions;

1. The more h (prospects) that are collected = the more j that is produced.

2. Improve the quality of m and t = more and more j are produced even if the number of h (prospects) does not increase.

Potential of hmtj.

This hmtj concept is what I use in designing google adwords

Email marketing & facebook ads strategies that result in reaching six-figure sales per month.

This hmtj concept is also what I used to BTC Database EU develop a dropship system that managed to record sales of rm4x,xxx.00 in the first month alone.

In short, this is not a small theory and formula even though I use malay terms.

I will refer to this formula a lot in future sharing.

Today I was given the opportunity to share a report on email. Therefore, marketing achievements & strategies (using mailchimp), google adwords & facebook ads with the staff at the office. Therefore, This achievement & strategy report is applied to one of the active e-commerce websites in malaysia.

Digital marketing report – mailchimp, google adwords & facebook. Therefore, ads from zulkifli abdullah
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