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The legal situation of biological adopt children with children who remain or have remain in foster families. However, it is necessary to report the donation to the tax office. Wieslawa Moczydlowska January , Donation from Ukraine for a daughter in Pol without tax, but after meeting the conditions TAX CONSULTANT INHERITANCE GIFT TAX UKRAINE A donation of funds from a Ukrainian mother grmother to a daughter residing in Pol will not be subject to inheritance gift tax. However, it is necessary that at the time of concluding the donation agreement, the taxpayer did not have a place of permanent residence in Pol, but only a temporary residence permit. This is confirm by the recently publish tax interpretation.

Wieslawa Moczydlowska A humanitarian

Donation is not subject to inheritance gift tax HOME FINANCE TAX ADVISOR INHERITANCE GIFT TAX Supporting people in ne of help as part of humanitarian actions, whose help consists, among others, in on fundraising transferring funds Dubai Phone Number List to those in ne are not subject to inheritance donation tax. Being an intermiary does not mean a financial gain, which in turn does not result in the acquisition of ownership of things or property rights. Malwina PasternakJanik December The courts allow you to transfer a family donation to another account, the ministry does not.

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The Tax Office despite the objections

Of the courts, considers thatof the apartment, instead of to the account of the son who is the buyer, does not entitle to exemption from inheritance donation tax. Also in the information brochure just publish, the Ministry of Finance emphasizes the BTC Database EU requirement to transfer the donation to the beneficiary’s account. Wieslawa Moczydlowska The money to the wife is a gift, but no tax HOME FINANCES INHERITANCE GIFT TAX Marriage has property separation. The wife earns rental income from an inherit garage. Every month, the husb transfers about.

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