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Not carri out on the recipient’s device, but on the server,or programs are not able to detect the presence of such tools, which is a common problem when using Facebook Pixel  Detail information about the recipients The obtain information is very accurate  precise, without the possibility of influencing it on the part of users This is a much better segmentation of the Meta Conversion API, which affects the acquisition of valuable user data, such as e-mail address or telephone number, as well as an internal ID This option, combin with the recipient’s inability to react to information.

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Recipients into individual groups This is an option that allows you to optimize ads in Ads Manager without any problems API implementation means significantly lower costs API means definitely lower costs of conversion  advertising, thanks Belize Mobile Number List to the precise definition of the target group With access to more data  information, it is possible to use them more efficiently  adjust them to the nes It is also more effective attributing information to a given user, which ruces any problems with cookies This solution allows you to organize information.

Phone Number List

Optimize it The API allows access

To more accurate data  statistics, thanks to which ad targeting is much easier API CONFIGURATION – HOW TO CONFIGURE THIS TOOL? There are two possible solutions to configure the API The first one concerns the integration with the Meta BTC Database EU platform, which allows easy connection of the tool You can find a list of partners that enable API integration in the Meta Business Help Center section  These include, among others, Shopify, Zapier or WordPress We can use the appropriate plugins to configure them Although the process itself is very simple, generating the access token can be a problem This is the so-call API token that allows.

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