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If the customer has purchas a water filter, he will ne. New carbon cartridges for his device every few months In effective remarketing on Facebook, you ne to. Use it Reminding your audience with complementary products has several advantages Above all, it reminds them of your br However, they also may realize that it’s time to order new. Cartridges to keep the water filter running Finally – they will order these products on your website, using a direct rirection from the advertisement to a store they know have already check Search for new customers using a pixel Thanks to the possibilities offer by the Facebook Pixel.

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You can also try to acquire new customers This is. Possible in two effective ways Using Facebook remarketing Customers who make a purchase in your store leave an email address behind Most often, this is their main PO Box, which they also Greece Mobile Number List use to log in to social mia Facebook can find the user who register with the given email In this way, you can identify your customer target him with an appropriate advertisement bas on his behavior Thanks to this, users who have made only one transaction have forgotten about your br can return to your store The second option is to generate.

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popular platforms: WooCommerce ix, shopify, google tag manager , Magento , BigCommerce, Segment, Squarespace In this case, just select the integration. Option On the other h, companies with their own website will benefit from self-implementation BTC Database EU of the code In this case, the site administrator will certainly cope with this task Event configuration Once your website is connect to the Pixel, you can proce to the configuration of events This will allow you to measure important tasks such as making a purchase by the user Configuration is done using an intuitive tool After completing this process, it is worth checking the correct operation of the Pixel.

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