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The configuration of events can relate to very different user activities, including, for example: adding a product to the basket, adding a product to the wish list, completion of registration, adding payment details (for example, crit card number), signing up for the newsletter , using the contact form, product personalization, initiate.of your ads Facebook Similar Audience option A very helpful feature is also creating groups of similar recipients It consists in the fact that Facebook’s algorithms select similar social mia users to people belonging to a given group In this way, remarketing campaigns will have a greater reach In order to find similar users, you ne to create a Custom Audience bas on one of the following sources: mobile application.

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The customer’s interest in a given topic, but also commitment to acquiring new information In the group of recipients tab, you can find many other interesting possibilities of creating specific groups of recipients Up to five parameters defining the participants of such a group can be us However, at the beginning, it is worth setting up to three Guatemala Mobile Number List targeting options – only then develop. an advanc tool significantly facilitates remarketing on Facebook leads to displaying ads only to specific users In practice, it is a huge support during marketing activities How to create a Facebook pixel? The use of the Facebook Pixel is possible after its establishment To do this, go to the ads manager There you will find.the Pixels option After clicking on this option, you will be able to create a new account.

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Data contain in the Pixel, SDKs, catalog, or another group bas on customer values On this basis, Facebook finds users similar to the most valuable customers (if they were specifi in a given group) or a profile creat on the basis of all customers BTC Database EU HOW TO USE REMARKETING ON FACEBOOK WITH THE HELP OF ADS MANAGER PIXEL? An extensive tool that allows you to define the target group facilitates the creation of effective advertising In the e-commerce industry, this is a significant competitive advantage Because if a group of recipients wants to buy a product.

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