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Such a huge percentage of women in this industry should give food for thought , especially in the era of shortage of employees in this industry. What do you think?Teleconference In the world of morn business, it’s hard to do without it, be it in the form of daily meets or occasional conversations. It saves time, allows you to communicate over long distances, facilitates meets without the ne to plan in advance, and new technologies enable the use of teleconferenc options also on mobile vices. These are benefits that do not ne convinc anyone. Nevertheless, arrang a teleconference comes with several problems that can have serious consequences for you.

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Pitfalls you can fall into when prepar and morat a teleconference in your company. . Teleconference not work! Unstable connection problem The bane Denmark Cell Phone Number List of every teleconference organizer is, of course, the concern about the quality of the connection . Especially if the software you use uses the VoIP technique ( read what is VoIP ) and pends on the spe of your connection . Then the probability of disconnection or annoy transmission lays is much higher. It is also worth remember that the more participants in a teleconference, the more troublesome any disruptions become.

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Teleconferences and a lot pends on them (management board talks, meets with key clients), you cannot afford that the image of your company will suffer due to low quality of calls. Failure of gadgets, poor quality equipment A weak camera , a microphone BTC Database EU without noise ruction that barely transmits what you say, but perfectly picks up sounds from the environment, attempts to connect with the hands-free option, no headphones. Is the access to the teleconference itself properly secur ? If you don’t know the answers to all these questions, it’s time to consir chang the service you use.

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