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Users had the impression that social networking sites read. Their minds However, the online community quickly got us to it Today, remarketing personaliz ads are not only common, but also expect by users This is due to the fact that they are better suit to their nes. Mmiately provide product proposals that meet their expectations How does this translate into the results of Internet companies? Retarget ads get up to times higher click-through rates than stard ads. Within a month, there is an increase in page views by up to Thanks to personaliz ads, every fourth customer aboning the cart comes back completes the transaction Over of decisions made by Facebook users are bas on remarketing.

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The other allow you to display several images, headlines  links or calls to action in one post They appear to users in news fes on both mobile devices  computers They may also appear on websites in the form of videos (Carousel Video Ads) The optimization Georgia Mobile Number List process in both cases should be match to the company’s sales strategy  how users react to particular activities Particular attention should be paid to which items sell best  what combination of text in the ad generates the most sales SUMMARY – DYNAMIC REMARKETING IN GOOGLE ADS  FACEBOOK Dynamic remarketing in both.

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Google Ads  Facebook are excellent promotion channels for the e-commerce industry It is worth using them, because the potential customer receives a hint which products may be of interest to him In this way, the ad gives you a chance to interact again BTC Database EU convert It is also a great way to build br awareness There is great potential in creating remarketing lists Customers can be freely divid Segmentation allows you to specify that your ads appear, for example, only to people who have seen your home page, blog or category page, or product page It is also possible to target people who have add a specific product to the basket.

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