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The the admin panel if necessary for the modules. Business logic of the application are. Being implement step by step. We create application interfaces set up the. Interaction of all servers the client. We are developing an administrative panel that will help you manage a web resource all information on it from a single center. Optimization transfer of the project to the client We test the. Resource fix all possible errors bugs make sure that the end result meets all the. Requirements describ in the terms of reference works efficiently smoothly. Only then will we give it to you. If necessary we can help to complete the assembly of all parts of the resource.

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These are the main stages that we include in back-end. Development however you can refuse some of or order the development of other components of the web resource if you are unable to carry them out yourself. Contact us in any Ukraine Phone Number List way convenient for you the easiest way is to leave a request here our manager will advise you help you decide which stages you ne tell you about the p CRM for delivery service Content CRM for Delivery Benefits of Implementation CRM functionality for delivery service Stages of CRM development What affects the cost of developing a CRM system Individual CRM system for the delivery service from Wezom.

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With the client in a quality manner control the. Processes within the company. Calculating the cost of services logistics many other actions. CRM for courier delivery service helps with this. This is a tool that helps both couriers customers as well as dispatchers. He establishes interaction between them optimizes the work of the company. CRM for Delivery BTC Database EU Benefits of Implementation A CRM program for a delivery service is able to automate many processes simplify the interaction of employees within the company improve customer service. Thanks to its functionality it can maintain reports collect customer data build the most rational routes draw up schules perform many other tasks.

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