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Collecting customer information in one place also gives other benefits than just speing up service time. It allows for recognizing the best customers and profiling the offer – building brand loyalty . What do you ne to prevent the above history from repeating itself? Regardless of whether we already use Baselinker in our online store or are just planning to implement it, it is worth asking the following questions: Do we want to quickly intify a customer who calls with an inquiry or complaint? Can we quickly solve a customer’s problem by searching for its cause in the orr history? Do we want to have a list of orrs from a given customer in one place? Do we have problems meeting the adlines.

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Can our service crew handle all orrs on time? If we answer yes to most of the above questions, it is worth consiring implementing an additional solution Georgia Mobile Number List that will enable us to work on the client’s card with his full orr history download from Baselinker. For every problem – a solution, that is, our history goes down in history Baselinker integrat with Focus Contact Center is full knowlge about customer orrs in one place. So what would the situation scrib above look like with the use of such tools? First of all, Focus Contact Center automatically recognizes the calling customer. The consultant who starts the conversation already knows who he is aling with.

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The intifi customer with the history and numbers of his orrs is display to him. He can therefore lead the conversation in a more personal way and quickly find the source of the problem. The consultant can view the tails of each of these orrs, which are BTC Database EU download from Baselinker and updat each time the customer’s card is open. From the orr tails, if necessary, the consultant can conveniently transfer to Baselinker with one click. What else do you get? Focus Contact Center intifies the customer not only by phone number, but also by e-mail address The time you gain on more efficient customer service can be us for other tasks A well-serv customer is more likely to shop in one of your stores again.

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