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Read also how to make the most of the chat on the website of the online store! Look for more information about chat for business? Read! Chat on the Focus Contact Center platform For customer satisfaction and to facilitate the agent’s work, the Internet chat on the Focus Contact Center platform is fully integrat with other communication channels within the system. In this way, the knowlge about the customer obtain dur chatt can then be us dur the next chat session, in a telephone conversation, e-mail corresponnce or SMS. From the beginn of the conversation, the customer is intifi accord to the data in the database . If his data are already there, they are display to the agent.

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His record. If it is the first contact, a new record is creat. While chatt, the agent receives information from the system where the person writ to him is locat on the website , which allows for conversation with regard to the content view by the chatter and Benin Mobile Number List translates into a higher probability of clos the transaction in the case of sales activities. The system also allows you to enter your own greets adapt to the category of the interlocutor – whether it is a person visit the website for the first time, a person present on the website again, a person stay on the website for a certain period of time and specify the appearance of the chat.Accord to the Global Contact Center Benchmark Report.

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Diminish role of the telephone, which may cease to be the most popular contact center communication channel. The challenge for companies is the integration of communication channels and advanc data analytics – especially from digital channels, with BTC Database EU social mia at the forefront. Check out the callcontact center app > Contact center trends on all continents have been survey for the eighteenth time by Dimension Data and ma available in the Global Contact Center Benchmark Report. companies from countries and sectors participat in the survey. Below are the most important results.

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