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Most often us in corporations for data transmission using a shar infrastructure, it guarantees specific transmission parameters. Do you want to learn more about ways to increase the level of data security in cloud solutions ? Download our gui by completing the form below . Name and Surname address GDPR I accept the rules and content Privacy Policy and Website Regulations Download the report Appropriate passwords protect sensitive data Data security in an enterprise may be threaten by a seemingly fundamental issue. We are talking about strong, properly manag passwords. Still, many users do not care about the correct parameters of passwords, their safe storage or regular change.

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Regulat first in the regulation of the Ministry of, and then in the regulation of the GDPR. The provisions contain in the latter place great emphasis on a Denmark Cell Phone Number List serious approach to the creation and observance of a password policy in an organization that processes personal data. Backups are protection against the effects of attacks One of the attributes of information security is its availability (scrib in the PNEN ISO standard). The way to fulfill our obligation to maintain it is, among other things, to create backup copies, and thus taking care to make and protect these copies is another way to ensure the security of the organization’s data.

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It is against the law to lose data that is not secur in this way. When choosing cloud solutions, it is worth making sure that you choose a provir that offers services relat to the creation and protection of the socall data backup. Watch the vio to learn about the BTC Database EU consequences of a personal data leak in a company The vio is a fragment of a webinar about the security of personal data in the company. If you want to watch the whole thing click here . Sources Data security in business, Focus Telecom, Announcement of the Office of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority regarding the processing of information by supervis.

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