E Commerce solves all business problems

E-commerce is just one branch of the sales channel. You still have other challenges in business that need to be. Solved as well such as inventory problems (stock), accounting. Problems (cash flow), logistics problems, employee management problems and the like.
So you already have a business idea that you want to run. All arrangements have been made. You are confident that this business can go far and bring success. However, before you invest money and time into the business, there is 1 important step that you must do first.

I'm sure you've heard this saying

But what does validate mean in business? How is it done? What indications and measurements are appropriate for assessing whether our telephone number list business idea is in demand?

Validate is the step we take to test the marketability of our business idea. Indeed, we do not know if the product or service we offer has customers who are willing to pay a certain price. So the validation step is not only to test the business idea, but also to test the price point for our product or service.

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Let’s say you have a great product to market. The easiest way to validate the product is to try to sell it online even if you don’t have the BTC Database EU product in stock yet. Today we have facebook, instagram, mudah.My application, carousell application which makes it easy for us to sell anything, anytime.

If no one is interested in the product you are trying to sell, you may find it difficult to start a business based on that product.

On the other hand, if many people are interested. And willing to pay the price of the product immediately, it means that you have. Found the right product to start your business.

Below is an example of me validating the idea of one of my business ideas. I received 5 offers for this product at the price I set. This means that this product has a market and fans and I can continue this business idea.

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