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Many websites today use certain techniques aimed at manipulating and making visitors act according to the will of the website owner.

Sourced from timewellspent.Io,

Youtube provides an autoplay function so that visitors continue to watch the video
Instagram displays notifications one by one so that users frequently open the application
Facebook displays the best content so that we continue to use it
And many more..

As the owner of an e-commerce website, we are certainly interested in knowing what techniques we can imitate so that our website visitors can more easily make purchasing decisions.

Among the websites that use the best manipulation techniques that we can learn is booking.Com, a website for booking hotels online.

Style visitor manipulation techniques

Aware of competition from agoda, trivago, traveloka, airbnb etc., booking.Com uses special techniques so that visitors who telemarketing list browse the booking Com website book hotels from them and not from competitors. Here are some of the techniques used.

Membina sense of urgency
Look at the picture below. It shows that this hotel room has been booked 5 times in 24 hours.


Then, when I click on the text, the information changes and displays the latest booking from the last hour.

Pay attention to the text 3 people are looking right now

With only 1 room left, 3 people are looking at the same room, how do visitors feel when they see this room?

Surely visitors feel the need to reserve this room soon before it runs out! Smart isn’t it?
Membina feels good factor
Booking.Com puts the most positive BTC Database EU testimonials on every room it offers. This is to build a feeling of comfort in the hearts of visitors and further help them make a booking decision more quickly.

The price game
Note the use of the word “Jackpot” which gives the impression of a lucky visitor. Then followed by the statement “Cheapest price you’ve seen in kuala lumpur for your dates”. Is this statement accurate? It doesn’t have to be exact. Suffice it to say, booking this room is a bargain and you are lucky to book this room at this price.

Also pay attention to the bottom text “You just missed it” once again to create a sense of urgency.

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