What is Meta Threads

Threads is the new Meta app create by Mark Zuckerberg that aims to compete directly with Twitter . The idea is to offer a space in which it is possible to hold public conversations in real time. Something similar to what Elon Musk’s social media already offers. Although each user will be free to decide if their account is public or private.

One of the peculiarities of Threads is that it is closely link to Instagram, so those users interest in having an account on this new social network should also have one on Instagram . It will even be possible to import the list of people who are follow from Instagram.

How Threads works and how to install it

Although there is still a lot of information that is unknown about Threads, it is known that it will be linked to Russia Phone Number Data Instagram . This means that it will be necessary to have an account in the latter to be able to create one in Threads despite being an independent application.

As announced, the creation of this new application or social network is based on Instagram text conversations , so the goal is to offer a space where you can have real-time conversations with other users. In addition, as the same Instagram social media allows, each one will be able to follow their favorite content creators and interact with them directly, as well as people with similar hobbies and tastes.

Threads vs Twitter: main differences and similarities

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More and more users are upset with Twitter. Since the changes that Elon Musk has implemented do not seem to be being received positively. It was probably this widespread discontent that led Mark Zuckerberg to create a social network that competes directly with Twitter.


Differences between Meta Threads and Twitter
Although the Threads social network is almost identical to Twitter, there are certain differences between the two applications. One of them is that Threads, a priori, will not support direct messages, something that Twitter does have .

Another difference is that anyone can create a Twitter account. Regardless of whether or not they have an account on another social network. However, Threads does require the user to have an Instagram account, since both networks are link .

Similarities between Threads and Twitter

What is generating the most debate are the similarities that exist between Threads and Twitter. Since although the new BTC Database EU social network is not yet operational, there are already very obvious similarities. One of them, and also the main one, is that users can post messages in a dropdown channel, thus creating a conversation .

Another similarity is that in both networks it is possible to publish text, photos and video, although this is perhaps not so remarkable, since there are already many social networks that allow different formats .

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