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However the school would like to rent school premises during winter summer holidays in order to organize recreation sports camps to external legal or natural persons sports clubs associations for children teenagers who also do not attend this school. Read also Are boarding school tutors oblig to accessibility specifi in art. f of the Teacher’s Charter Act? Lawyer, maybe this article will interest your clients? Bet on the Legal Alert program thanks to it you will receive readymade news that you will send to your law firm’s clients Commercial activity outside the school year The starost point out that the jurisprudence or interpretations of RIO in terms of the possibility of “commercial” use of school premises boils.

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To the possibility of providing catering services outside by the canteen, or renting residential rooms in the dormitory, but during the school year, when didactic ucational activities are carri out in accordance with the organization of the Italy Phone Numbers List school year. In this case, it is the period of winter summer holidays, when both the dormitory rooms are free, the canteen kitchen do not function. Dziwisz Stanisław Tasks of local government units in the organization financing of school canteens Read also School kindergarten canteens organization operation So the mayor ask for an explanation.

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School sell meals to third parties outside the group of students school employees, to students of other schools staying at a sports camp at school, organiz by an external entity? Can the school obtain additional funds by setting separate fees BTC Database EU for boarding renting a dormitory for participants of sports camps, can such activity be treat as a statutory nontaxable activity? The canteen may conduct commercial activities In the opinion of RIO, the canteen may sell meals to third parties outside students school employees provid that it does not interfere with its proper functioning. Such additional activities of the canteen may not affect the performance of the tasks for which it was creat.

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