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Consistently remain silent as the grave, even if the discussion is controversial and very lively. Let your presence go completely unnotic. And it will be better for you, and thanks to this, others will also spend their time more interest and fruitful. Stay in your tiny inbr paradise for an introvert. And with any luck, next time they just won’t invite you . Keep talk – be the most active and loust participant If your temperament does not allow you to remain silent throughout the meet – turn failure into success – talk all the time ! After all, who could possibly have someth more interest to say than you? Monopoly all teleconferences, add anecdotes and jokes in any number.

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Matter This way everyone will remember you for sure. Another strategy may be enter into long polemics , layer arguments and disputes over the smallest tails, preferably with an admixture of absolute self-righteousness and a large dose of restrain Israel Mobile Number List aggression . This is one of the most valuable ways for you and others to use the meet. Almost like jelly wrestl. . Always end the conversation without inform the callers When the meet is over, just sign out . It is known that at the end of the conversation noth significant happens anymore, only summaries, thanks and goodbye.

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Immortal style à l’anglaise . Certainly no one will be offend – after all, everyone is in a hurry, because time is priceless. And yours – the most precious. . If you are the organizer of teleconferences – organize them as often as possible and for as many BTC Database EU participants as possible. As we have already said, teleconferenc is a morn tool that works great in business. This in itself is a reason to organize teleconferences as often as possible. To the junk with ordinary meets, even if noth stands in their way! After all, you can talk about anyth virtually. And the more participants, the better – after all, two heads are better than one.

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